Advantages of working with a small design agency/freelancer vs a larger company: 6 points to think about for your small business website build

It seems like every city has one – a mega-firm of one kind or another that churns out small business websites. They seem “one-stop-shop” easy-especially for solopreneurs and serial entrepreneurs-and there are times when they fit the bill (usually if they have a particular niche they do well). But when you work with agencies that create websites in bulk, you can miss out on an opportunity to build more than just a website.

  1. Working with a smaller agency or freelancer can save you money – their overhead is generally lower and their own ability to bootstrap gives them the perspective to take care of you in the way they likely take care of their own business.
  2. You’ll experience personalized attention from a smaller shop that a larger web company simply won’t have time for. One of the joys of doing the work I do is getting to know the people I work with  – their businesses, their passions, what matters to them – and it’s wonderful when the information we agree is important based on that deeper understanding makes it onto their site (and makes that site message stronger)! And if you call me for help, your business won’t be queued up with twenty other customers clamoring for my attention – I’m available!
  3. Fewer customers mean quicker turnaround times. Most of Mended’s websites turn around in about 3-4 weeks! Schedule your website build with me, and your block is your block. We’ll focus on it deeply and get it done (and with care)!
  4. If you look closely at the portfolio of many larger website-building companies, you’ll begin seeing that much of their work looks the same. That’s how you serve many customers with the lowest amount of effort. Smaller agencies and freelancers have the ability to flex their creativity in a way that will allow your website to shine differently than the others.
  5. If you’re looking for a particular niche, small agency/freelance is the way to go. Mended Digital specialties in Small Business and Artist websites (Summer Camp websites, Author websites, Coaching sites, and Serial Entrepreneurial builds in particular thrill us – we love these businesses and clients!) so we understand your work and priorities without having to completely reinvent the wheel every time.
  6. Relationships are key in small business – why not build one with a freelance website designer? As your business grows, you’ll have a working relationship with another professional who understands and can assist you with website updates, maintenance, and future projects – and can maintain consistency throughout. Far better than starting from square one with a new project manager when you return to a larger agency.

Shipping your project out to a “website factory” can seem appealing, but they aren’t the best solution for every web project. Think about what you’re trying to create and foster within your business and consider a smaller agency or freelancer for your site.

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