There is no one-size-fits-all web presence solution.  It’s important to understand the different platforms and tactics that are available to promote your business and effectively reach your audience, especially when your business is small and you want to make the most or your resources.

It’s helpful to have a plan that you feel comfortable with, and to not be forced down the unnecessary rabbit-hole of “flavor-of-the-month/everyone is doing it” tactic that sounds appealing but may not yield results with your customer.

After having worked for larger players in digital marketing & advertising, we want to leverage what we have learned to help you.

Let’s talk about your work and what makes it important, then take the technologies out there and build something for you that aligns platforms with strategy and common sense to empower your business.

Capabilities include:

  • Website builds/redesign
  • Ongoing site management
  • Social Media message planning and management
  • Brand creation/reimagining/streamlining
  • Marketing plans & tactical execution
  • Content creation
  • Email/email list management
  • Digital advertising program management
  • Troubleshooting

Our good friend Ginny Robertson, founder of On Purpose Woman Global Community talked with Amanda about building an authentic digital presence for Purpose-Based businesses.

We welcome you to check out the interview!