Service: Website TLC

The Science Guys of Baltimore are science educators based in the Baltimore/DC area. Mended Digital assister her with their website redesign.

Having worked with the Science Guys of Baltimore on their emails, social media initiatives, paid Google Search ad campaigns and website management, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help them update and upgrade their website.

Their old site was built on a completely different platform, so their choice to move to SquareSpace allowed us to keep the old site running while we built the new – only requiring a URL redirect. Having experienced their exciting science presentations, birthday parties and summer camps first-hand, it was important to me that their energy was reflected in the site. Another consideration was their parent company, Mr Bond’s Science Guys, which has an established brand which we wanted to honor. Lastly, The Science Guys were interested in having the ability to book birthday parties, after-school camps and summer camps online, requiring a scheduling platform integration.

Choosing a bold SquareSpace template with a touch of parallax scrolling creates a sense of motion and excitement that both reflects the team’s enthusiasm and encourages further homepage exploration. Selecting stock photography that both followed the same theme of engaging children’s science programming as well as reflecting the diversity of The Science Guy’s young scientists was also important, so we were mindful as we chose images that provided representation as well as quality backgrounds for headline copy.

Pages are tied together throughout with common header images, providing the user with a sense of location throughout the site. Site organization is program-based in the menu, but audience-based below the header image, breaking out into Parent/Guardian, Educational and Organizational programming. The bold purple buttons at the top of the homepage lead users to a menu offering booking options, most of which are linked to Acuity – the scheduling platform that’s integrated on the back-end.

We honored the company’s brand by integrating fonts used in the logo and applying brand colors whenever able. There’s also a nod to the parent company’s site in the favicon, which is an identical atom image with an updated color to represent the Baltimore location.

It has always been a pleasure working with The Science Guys of Baltimore, and I’m so happy with how their new site both appears and performs.

The Science Guy's previous homepage
The Science Guy's previous homepage
The Science Guys' new site is bold, bright and dynamic, reflecting the energy they bring to their work.

The Science Guys of Baltimore absolutely recommend Mended Digital! Amanda is so easy and fun to work with and she has really propelled our business into the future. She built an entirely new website for us this year, while keeping all of our brand recognition and vibe consistent! She also seamlessly transferred all of our online content, so we didn't lose any momentum in the online world. Best of all, she is great at finding ways to support our specific mission! We highly recommend!