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Branding, Graphic Design & Content Creation

“Coach Debbie” was really excited for an upcoming workshop – an opportunity to showcase work that she loves to do to a new audience who would get to know her personally! But what she also understood was the workshop was virtual, and with that she needed a website to share with this new audience to establish credibility as well as allow visitors to schedule consultations.

An evening on SquareSpace left her reeling and frustrated. The next day she contacted us.

The challenge? A brand, web presence, design and content, created and live, all within 3 weeks.

We asked her to send us her Facebook links, any content she had written about her work, as well as pictures of favorite spaces and items in her work space. From there we worked out a few logo options and color palates that reflected her vibe. We planned out her content based on what she wanted to convey, and got to work choosing and creating graphics.

When complete, Coach Debbie had a simple, clear and attractive single-page website to share with her audience – one that shares who she is, why she does what she does, and how to begin working with her.

It was a pleasure working with Debbie on the True You, Navigating Through Change brand and website, and we look forward to seeing where she wishes to take it in the future!


Inital version of final design
Option #2
Option #3


Often when businesses are getting themselves off the ground, it’s important to get a site up and running, but often it’s cost prohibitive.

One solution to consider is a long scroll, one-page site. This allows you to get the important stuff up and out there, while keeping the cost of site creation down.

We think this option worked out beautifully for Coach Debbie. If this solution sounds like something that would work for you and your business, let’s talk more! Contact us.

I contacted Amanda after spending hours attempting to build my website. I was not getting anywhere fast and my attempt was pitiful at best.

Amanda and I just immediately connected and I felt so at ease with her. I was able to communicate what I was trying to do and it was smooth sailing from there.

Amanda was patient, explained everything so well, asked all the questions, and allowed me to express myself through her designing of my website. She was so helpful with branding, color selections, and picture selections.

I didn't understand all the jargon to designing, but Amanda was attentive and to say, easy to work with is an understatement. Oh, did I mention she was able to honor my special request of needing a complete website with branding, color selections, literally in about 3 weeks.

Truly amazing that entire process was.